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Integrating blockchain into existing systems is straightforward with Zapier. Whether it's a Google form, Slack channel, CRM input, or otherwise. If an app is available in Zapier, you can store that data directly on the Bitcoin blockchain with mintBlue.

Example apps you can integrate using Zapier


This tutorial will guide you on creating an automation that will publish all emails received from a specific email address to the blockchain.


Create a new Zap in Zapier

Step 1: Configure the Trigger (Gmail)

Go to your Zapier dashboard at

  • Click the "Create Zap" button in the top left corner:

Create Zap button

  • Define which app and event will trigger the automation

Choose App "Gmail" and event "New Email Matching Search"

  • Choose App "Gmail" and event "New Email Matching Search"
    • Sign in to your Gmail account as instructed

  • Define which emails will trigger the automation
    • In this example, we will only look for email coming from a specific address

Define search

In the next step, you can test your trigger and will be shown an example email. Continue through this and then define which action to run when the automation is triggered.

Step 2: Configure the Action with mintBlue

Choose the app "mintBlue" and the event "Create a Data Transaction"

Create a Data Transaction

  • Proceed to "Sign in to mintBlue" in Zapier

Connect mintBlue

  • Then select the "Zapier" project you have created earlier in this guide

  • In the first Data field, select "Body plain" (which is the email's content) and continue


This is just an example, if you actually do this your email content will be publicly accessible on the blockchain!

Configure the action

  • Click "Test & Review" to create your Zapier's first transaction!

  • Click "Publish Zap" to activate the automation

Congrats! You have successfully set up an automation pushing filtered emails to the blockchain!

What's next?

Now that you've done this setup with email, try it with your Twitter account to save all your tweets to the chain!