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mintBlue Console

The mintBlue Console is a user interface (UI) built on top of the mintBlue SDK. Therefore, it offers all the SDK functionalities through a UI. Here are a couple of important concepts that are helpful to better understand the concepts and capabilities of mintBlue.

  • mintBlue Composer
  • Projects
  • Access Token
  • Event Listener

mintBlue Composer

The mintBlue Composer is a user-friendly interface that sits atop the mintBlue SDK. It is designed to simplify the process of composing blockchain transactions. This tool helps users who prefer a more visual approach to transaction creation, eliminating the need for coding expertise.

By providing a graphical interface, the mintBlue Composer allows users to construct transactions visually. This intuitive design makes it an ideal platform for those new to blockchain technology or those looking to quickly validate and experiment with various use cases on the mintBlue platform.


MintBlue projects offer a structured and organized approach to managing blockchain transactions. Each project acts as a distinct container, allowing users to categorize and group transactions based on specific criteria or objectives.

This system particularly benefits users or organizations handling multiple transaction types or operating across various blockchain-based initiatives. By allocating transactions to different projects, MintBlue users can maintain clear, segmented records, facilitating easier tracking, analysis, and reporting of blockchain activities.

Access Token

To fully utilize the capabilities of mintBlue's platform, including interacting with the SDK, JSON-RPC, or API, it is essential to create an Access Token. This access token acts as a key, granting you the necessary permissions to communicate effectively with various components of the mintBlue ecosystem. There are two distinct types of access tokens available:

  1. API Access Token: This token is designed specifically for direct interactions with mintBlue's API. It is an ideal choice for tasks that do not require access to your non-custodial keys, such as when you are setting up integrations with Zapier. However, it is important to note that API Tokens do not have the capability to decrypt non-custodial keys.

  2. SDK Access Token: If your operations involve initializing the SDK and require access to your non-custodial keys, the SDK Access Token is the appropriate choice. This token facilitates the initialization of your SDK and provides the necessary functionality to decrypt your non-custodial keys for local usage.

By choosing the correct type of access token, you can ensure a secure and efficient interaction with mintBlue's services, whether you are working with the API or utilizing the full functionality of the SDK.

Event Listener

The Event Listener enables users to detect specific events that align with predefined criteria, known as triggers. These triggers can be configured via the mintBlue Console to respond to either internal events within the mintBlue ecosystem or to real-time transactions occurring on the Bitcoin network. Upon the occurrence of a triggered event, users can specify "actions"—predefined responses that tell mintBlue what steps to take.

This functionality enhances the ability to track relevant network activities and automates the response process, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in managing and responding to blockchain events.