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Welcome to the mintBlue docs; the documentation for the most user-friendly and cost-effective blockchain development platform!

Use these docs to learn more about mintBlue's offerings, explore examples, and check out the API and SDK documentation.

What is mintBlue

mintBlue is a blockchain development platform offering out-of-the-box blockchain infrastructure for business. mintBlue's focus is making blockchain development easy and scalable. Our APIs and SDKs abstract away all the complexities associated with the development and implementation of blockchain products.

We focus on the reading and writing of the blockchain, so you can focus on your business logic and products.

Products & Services

mintBlue's web console accelerates blockchain integration. Our tools not only make it easy for developers to integrate blockchain features into their products, but also make sure it scales along with your business needs.

Learn more about our offerings throughout this documentation and do not hesitate to reach out with questions.


Updated 08 Jul 2022
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