why use mintBlue?

mintBlue is here to make your life easy. Want to use blockchain features but don't have the time or expertise to build a blockchain product from scratch? No problem!

no node, no problem!

Many blockchain development platforms require you to run expensive blockchain nodes. With our software, you don't have to run or maintain any infrastructure. We are connected to multiple blockchain processors and run state-of-the-art blockchain verification software - so you don't have to.

No set-up cost, no maintenance cost and no trusted third-party reliance.

what about scale?

Scalability issues with public blockchain infrastructure are omnipresent. Blockchain development platforms are often limited in scale up to 10-100 transactions per second. At mintBlue we understand our infrastructure must scale along with our clients' business needs. mintBlue offers the infrastructure needed for unbounded scale. The more transactions you publish, the cheaper it gets!

easy-to-use API

With many underlying technical concepts, a complete blockchain suite is hard to build and even harder to maintain. Our API abstracts away all the complexities required to use the blockchain. You can use features the blockchain offers, such as micropayments, data distribution, authenticity checks and more, by simply calling an API endpoint.

Sounds good? Take a look at our API Reference

our SDK, your data

Our SDK allows you to integrate the mintBlue API even more easily. It also contains all the tools needed to do cryptographic operations, using your non-custodial keys, allowing you to effectively and securely own your own data. Hassle-free and easy to use! Get you first project running in minutes by checking out our Examples.

Sound even better? Take a look at our SDK


Updated 03 Feb 2022
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