mintBlue Quick Start Guide

Set up your mintBlue account and start building in minutes!

To get started you will need to:

  • Create an account
  • Create an Access Token
  • Create a project
  • Start building!

Create an Account

To sign up, go to https://console.mintblue.com/signup and follow the instructions to create your account.

Create a Project

When logged into your mintBlue account, click "Projects" in the navigation on the left. Click the "New Project" button and follow the instructions. Once you've created your project, you can find the project ID on the project's detail page.


Create a project
Create a project


Create an Access Token

To create an Access Token, go to https://console.mintblue.com/account/accesstokens. You can also reach this page by clicking "Open Settings" -> "Access Tokens" in the bottom left corner.

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On the "Access Tokens" page. Click "New token".

The Access Tokens settings page
The Access Tokens settings page

Choose a name for your access token that will allow you to identify it easily. Optionally set an expiration date. Then click "save".

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Access Tokens come in two forms:

  • API Tokens
  • SDK Tokens

API Tokens are only used to talk to mintBlue's API directly. They cannot be used to decrypt your non-custodial keys. If you are making a Zapier automation, use the API token.

SDK Tokens are used to initialize your SDK and have the ability to decrypt your non-custodial keys for local use.


A free account comes with limited free usage. If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, you will be automatically billed based on your usage. No regulatory uncertainty handling tokens or coins, just a regular invoice as usual.

High volume discounts are available.

ο»ΏPublish Your First Transactionο»Ώ

In the example below, replace [YOUR_API_TOKEN] with the API Token generated in ο»Ώpreviously to publish your first mintBlue transaction.



Full API documentation can be found in the API Reference However, the easiest and most extensible way to access our API is through the SDK. Take a look at some Examples!


Updated 08 Jul 2022
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