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Our API is a collection of endpoints used to manage all general features, such as API keys, transactions, projects etc.

To learn more about the API please check the API Reference


The SDK allows you to integrate the mintBlue API more easily. The API endpoints are wrapped with convenience functions allowing you to integrate mintBlue easily into your projects.

It also contains all the tools needed to do cryptographic operations, using your non-custodial keys, allowing you to effectively and securely own your own data.

Read more about our SDK or how it handles Cryptographic keys. No need for technical explanations but rather want to have a quick, copy-paste example? Check out our Examples!

Token API

The Token API allows you to upload and retrieve files to and from the Bitcoin blockchain. The files are encrypted by default and allow any user with access to the reference and encryption secret to access the original file and check its authenticity.

For example, one can use the Token API to create digital versions of paper documents which can be linked by a simple QR code. Recipients of such a document can easily verify that the document has not changed in the meantime, or even automatically process a digital version of a paper document.

Learn what is the Token API?

Zapier integration

Zapier is a no-code platform that allows end users to integrate 3000+ popular applications. mintBlue's Zapier integration allows users to connect all those applications to the blockchain.

You can find mintBlue in the Zapier app directory here or check out our Zapier tutorial.


Updated 08 Jul 2022
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