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mintBlue Products

Dynamic Playground

The mintBlue Composer offers an interactive environment where users can experiment with and visualize their blockchain solutions. This tool is ideal for prototyping and exploring the capabilities of mintBlue in a user-friendly interface. In combination with event listeners, you can build complex interactions without writing any code.

You should complete the Quick Start first to get familiar with the mintBlue platform, which includes how to use the mintBlue Composer:

👉 mintBlue Quick Start

Data Storage

Powered by the mintBlue SDK or JSON-RPC server, this feature provides robust and secure data storage solutions. It leverages blockchain and encryption technology to ensure data integrity and security, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring reliable and tamper-proof data storage.

📦 Store Your Data

Event Listeners

This feature involves real-time event tracking and response mechanisms. These events can be internal events within mintBlue or transactions in real-time on the Bitcoin network.

This functionality is critical for staying responsive to real-time events happening on the Bitcoin blockchain. You can define an action for the triggered event type to enable responsiveness. For instance, sending a webhook call or inserting a transaction into another project for further analysis or record-keeping.

👂 Start Listening

Automations and Integrations

Enabled through a seamless integration with Zapier, this feature allows users to automate workflows and connect mintBlue with a wide array of other applications and services. It simplifies creating complex workflows, enabling users to focus on their core business activities.

🔗 Build Automations