quick start

Set up your mintBlue account and start building in minutes!

To get started you will need to:

  • Create an account
  • Create an API key
  • Create a project
  • Start building!

create an account

To sign up, go to https://dashboard.mintblue.com/signup and follow the instructions to create your account.

create an API key

To create an API key, go to https://dashboard.mintblue.com/account/apikeys. You can also reach this page by clicking "Manage" under "API Keys" in your settings page.

Manage API Keys
Manage API Keys

When you haven't created an API key yet, the middle of the page will show the "Create API Key" button. Click the button, give your key a name and choose the key's permissions. Click "Create New API Key" to complete the process.

Create API Key and choose permissions
Create API Key and choose permissions

You will be shown your generated API and SDK key. Store your keys somewhere safe. The server does not store your secret and thus will be unable to recover the key.

create a project

During the creation of your account you will already have created a project. Find the project ID on the project's detail page, just below the title. You can use this ID to publish transactions within the project as explained further in this documentation.

Want to create another project? Click "Projects" in the navigation on the left. Click the "New Project" button and follow the instructions. Once you've created your project, you can find the project ID on the project's detail page.

Create a project
Create a project


A free account comes with limited free usage. If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, you will be automatically billed based on your usage. No regulatory uncertainty handling tokens or coins, just a regular invoice as usual.

High volume discounts are available.

publish your first transaction

In the example below, replace [YOUR_API_KEY] with the key generated in Create an API key to publish your first mintBlue transaction.


Full API documentation can be found in the API Reference However, the easiest and most extensible way to access our API is through the SDK. Take a look at some Examples!

Updated 10 Mar 2022
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